Seaside Beach

Beautiful, sandy, and very popular Seaside Beach is located ten miles north of Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast. It’s owned and managed by the Mendocino Land Trust. This expansive pocket beach is much loved by locals and visitors to the Mendocino Coast.

While dogs are permitted at Seaside Beach owners must take great care not to let their dogs enter or cross the Ten Mile River. This keeps your dog safe and protects wildlife. Violators will be cited.  

Important Note: There are no trash collection facilities at Seaside Beach.

“Pack it in, pack it out”: Please keep this beach beautiful and safe by taking all your trash home with you. This includes cans, bottles, diapers, orange peels, toilet paper, broken flip-flops – everything!

“Go before you go”: Be prepared for no restroom facilities. While a porta-potty is sometimes available during the summer season, due to frequent vandalism and dumping of trash it is often not usable.

We request that all who visit do their best to keep this facility nice for all to enjoy.

Trail History

The Coastal Land Trust, the former owner of Seaside Beach, completed a successful Japanese knotweed removal project in 2010, which removed about 0.3 acres of this invasive plant at the edge of the meadow, east of Seaside Beach. One of the photos shows the knotweed removal effort while it was underway.

Trail Ecology

Dogs are welcome at Seaside, but not allowed south of the Ten Mile River, which is at the south end of this beach. The endangered snowy plover lives and nests just south of the Ten Mile River. This is a small shorebird that is protected by Federal law. State Parks will ticket anyone with a dog in the Ten Mile Dunes Natural Reserve. Please respect these rules, and keep your dog north of the Ten Mile River at all times. The snowy plover’s survival in this area depends upon you!

Highway One Mile Marker (north end): 70.7
Highway One Mile Marker (south end): 70.5
Trail Length: 0.5 miles

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