Old Smith Ranch at Ten Mile

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The Mendocino Land Trust, in partnership with The Conservation Fund, State Coastal Conservancy, Nature Conservancy, and the Smith/Perry family, worked to conserve and provide public access to this remarkable 49-acre property. This project is part of a larger, multi-year effort by those MLT partners to permanently protect the 1,309-acre Smith Ranch, located east of Highway 1 and the Ten Mile Dunes. To support our mission, click here. To follow the latest in trail information in our newsletter, click here.

Our staff put hundreds of hours into this project, from negotiating the acquisition to obtaining permits and designing and constructing the trail. The result speaks for itself. It is a magnificent addition to the Mendocino Land Trust’s trail system.

Roger Sternberg, Former MLT Executive Director

The project protects a significant portion of the Ten Mile River and estuary, which is host to coniferous forests, riparian woodlands, shrublands, sand dunes and brackish marsh. All of these habitats provide safe harbor to endangered and threatened wildlife and plant species, including tidewater goby, coho salmon, steelhead trout, Point Reyes horkelia, and Howell’s spineflower. An offshoot of the trail threads under the Ten Mile bridge – where hundreds of swallows nest in spring and summer – and connects to the Ten Mile Dunes Natural Preserve. With existing parklands just to the west, the property serves as a critical open space buffer for wildlife. In order to protect the federally endangered western snowy plovers that nest in the Ten Mile Dunes, dogs are not allowed on the trail.

This project is a key step in furthering the mission of the Mendocino Land Trust, both through the protection of open space and endangered species habitat as well as the provision of public access to a long-private plot of land.

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