Little River Blowhole

This trail is about 0.5 miles long and leads hikers to the awesome Little River Blowhole and beyond to the bluff edge. The Little River Blowhole is actually a punchbowl, or sinkhole, and is an actively eroding area; almost every winter, full-grown trees fall into the abyss. Hikers and leashed dogs are permitted, and there is an interpretive panel telling the story of the geology of this cool feature. The trail winds through a Bishop pine forest, around the north side of the punchbowl/sinkhole, and out to views of the coast, ocean, and offshore islands. The trail is managed by the Mendocino Land Trust.

This punchbowl /sinkhole is very dangerous- watch your step on this trail, and don’t try to climb into the punchbowl, as a fall would likely be fatal. There is also a lot of poison oak just off the entire trail- which is another reason to stay on it, and out of the punchbowl.

Highway One Mile Marker (north end): 47.7
Highway One Mile Marker (south end): 47.5
Trail Length: 0.5 miles