MLT Salutes Asian-Pacific Americans and Their Environmental Stewardship!

April 30, 2024

Logo of the Asian-Pacific Environmental Network

May is Asian-Pacific American month, and MLT salutes the stewardship done by many dedicated activists.

An extensive study by the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, revealed that 83% of Asian American voters in California describe themselves as environmentalists. They believe in protecting our air, land, and water while creating sustainable jobs. Let’s amplify these voices and recognize their impact!

Let’s celebrate the rich tapestry of AAPI identities and their vital role in safeguarding our planet. Tag an AAPI environmental champion you admire!

Jack Chin: A fifth-generation Toisanese American, Jack’s childhood was spent exploring a Chinese laundry in Queens, New York. His connection to nature blossomed during weekends when his father took him fishing outside the city. Jack’s journey led him to work with the Student Conservation Association, where he found his passion for protecting our planet’s green spaces.

Agnes Vianzon: A queer Filipinx, Agnes bridges the gap between her heritage and environmental advocacy. She transformed her role in writing environmental impact reports into a force for positive change. Agnes now leads the Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps, empowering women, nonbinary, queer, and BIPOC folx through transformative conservation experiences.

Allison Chin: A retired scientist and self-proclaimed “elder,” Allison’s love for public lands was cultivated during childhood camping trips with her extended family. Her dedication to environmental protection led her to volunteer with the Sierra Club. Allison’s legacy inspires generations to cherish and safeguard our natural treasures.

Larry Itliong: In 1965, Filipino-American labor activist Larry Itliong organized a strike of over 2,000 Filipino-American farmworkers. Their fight for better wages and working conditions included advocating for regulations on pesticides harmful to both workers’ health and the environment. Larry’s resilience paved the way for positive change.

The above information was gathered and complied by Microsoft CoPilot AI engine and uses articles from the Sierra Club’s website. You can read the full articles here.

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