Wildflower Hike in Potter Valley

Wildflower Hike in Potter Valley


Join the MLT Outdoor Social Club as we explore a ranch near Potter Valley. MLT and the landowner have committed to preserving this habitat-rich area in perpetuity. The landowner has generously allowed us to hold this hike on their property.

Wildflower event details

Saturday, April 2nd

10 am – 1 pm

Want to come? Please enter the invite lottery here.

Address and directions to a ranch in Potter Valley will be provided with the invite. Allow 30 minutes to drive to this location from Ukiah and 90 minutes to get there from Fort Bragg.


Invited participants will choose from three options:


1) Gentle walk + sit and talk with a member of the MLT Board

2) Moderate Walk and Wildflower Identification with MLT’s “Ranger Amy”

3) Moderately strenuous hike with Latino Outdoors Coordinator Esme Plascencia.


If invited, you may bring a few friends or family but you must arrive in one vehicle so there is enough parking for all invited.