Hathaway Creek Forest Campaign

63% of $20000 goal

Dear Fellow Conservationist,

We need your help to protect 38.5 acres of second-growth Redwood, Douglas Fir, and Bishop Pine forest at the headwaters of Hathaway Creek, a tributary to the Garcia River near Point Arena. Your donation will be matched by funds from MLT’s new Redwood Protection and Restoration Endowment, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000, thus, doubling its impact. 

Will you consider making a gift today?

“I wince every time I see redwood forests cut down when I know their natural life cycle should reach more than 2,000 years. The giant, ancient trees growing in Mendocino County in the 1800s are largely gone, replaced by second and third-growth younger forests. What if we allowed more of those trees to grow back to their full potential?”

– Forest Owner, Point Arena

(Read how the owner acquired the forest here.)

A conservation easement on the forest will help protect it forever from being commercially harvested. The conservation-enthusiast owner who bought the forest in 2021 to save it from commercial logging wants to donate the conservation easement to the Mendocino Land Trust. The last piece in the puzzle is the stewardship and legal defense fund that MLT needs to monitor and enforce the easement in perpetuity. Please join other supporters in this worthy project.

Through the easement, MLT will protect Hathaway Creek and preserve the forest (including the Bishop Pine Forest Alliance Sensitive Natural Community, coast redwoods, and other trees), rare and sensitive plant species, and wildlife habitat on the property.  Community engagement at the property, with the landowner’s permission, may include interpretive hikes and/or environmental education opportunities, as well as scientific research or study.

To complete this project, we need to raise $20,000 in public support which will be matched, dollar for dollar, by MLT’s Redwood Protection and Restoration Endowment, a new endowment at MLT created with the generous support of an anonymous donor that seeks to conserve, protect and restore redwood forests in Mendocino County. 

Can we count you in?   

Thank you for considering protecting Hathaway Creek Forest forever!


Conrad Kramer

Executive Director

Mendocino Land Trust

*All donations will be used solely to fund the creation and stewardship of the Hathaway Creek Forest Conservation Easement. The first $40,000 raised will be deposited into MLT’s pooled, restricted Stewardship and Legal Defense Fund, which funds the monitoring and legal defense of all of our conservation easements, including this new planned conservation easement. Any additional funds raised will be applied to the transaction costs needed to complete this conservation easement.

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