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Preserving Open Spaces

The Land Trust has 17 preservtion agreements with landowners called Conservation Easements.  For example, in 2015 we helped a landowner protect 2,000 acres of family forestland near Point Arena, including 4.8 miles of streams and habitat for endangered owls and mountain beavers.  This important forest will benefit all of us through carbon storage, helping to slow the effects of climate change.

Looking ahead, the Land Trust is working with the Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council to protect land that is being donated to the Potter Valley Tribe by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. 

These lands are along Trout and Alder creeks in the Eel River area east of Potter Valley, and will provide tribal family members with a treasured place for cultural education and recreation. 

We also plan to open a picnic area and trail at the Ten Mile Estuary Preserve, a project that is coming soon.  The land in this area was donated to the Land Trust in the summer of 2016 by The Conservation Fund.

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