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Dan Dunham:  “I would like to thank the Mendocino Land Trust again for the wonderful bench and plaque dedication ceremony to my grandfather, Gordon McBride, at the Hare Creek Beach Access Trail! It was an amazing tribute to him as well as my grandmother, Betty Stechmeyer. I am glad I have had an opportunity to have a very small role in some of the amazing projects you folks are taking on. I look forward to helping in what ways I can. Keep up the great work!”


Isaac Rios, tribal member, Manchester Band of Pomo Indians:   “I think Ann Cole & Mendocino Land Trust are doing great work in protecting the natural environment on the Mendocino Coast. As a tribal member of Manchester Band of Pomo Indians, I hope we can work together in care-taking the land.”


David Loeb, Executive Director & Publisher, Bay Nature Magazine :  “Diane and I were up in your neck of the woods last weekend.  But we stopped for a little 'coastal access' and found ourselves at the spectacular (but unknown to us) Navarro Point Headlands on Monday afternoon.  Oh my!   The wildflowers were so amazingly abundant and colorful -- unlike anything else we saw over the previous four days.   It was gorgeous and wonderful because so unexpected. Thanks to the Navarro Point Stewards!


Matt Pender, Director, Land Management, Pacific Gas & Electric Company“I wanted to thank you for joining me and the PG&E team for the visit to the Eel River area two weeks ago.  It was an extremely interesting, very educational and really fun day.  I was impressed by the beauty and diversity of the area and your expertise and passion for the environment there significantly added to the experience.    Challenges abound, but in partnership with you & your organization and the tribe, PG&E is dedicated to making the most of these lands and preserving them for future generations.  Thank you for taking the whole day to join us and help me learn about the work that Mendocino Land Trust does in the area.  It is partners like you that make it possible for PG&E to pursue our ambitious Conservation Easement goals and we’re very proud to be working together with organizations like yours on these projects.”


Luana Alika, member: “A big congratulations to all who have worked for so many years to make the Mendocino Land Trust vibrant, effective, and successful. You have accomplished much to be proud of!”  


Supervisor Carre Brown: “The excellent reputation of the Mendocino Land Trust has inspired many inland property owners to permanently preserve oak woodlands, land for agriculture production, working forest and rangelands. They trust the MLT’s outstanding work and accomplishments throughout its 40-year history to protect these lands for the generations to come.” 


Shirley Freriks, member: “With a conservation easement, Mendocino Land Trust helped me realize my goal of letting these precious acres continue to recover.  They will never be logged again.”


Congressman Jared Huffman: “Mendocino Land Trust’s work will have lasting and positive impacts on the coast for years to come.”


Assembly Member Jim Wood: “Mendocino Land Trust, in its 40th year, has opened more coastal access sites than any other land conservation organization in the state. MLT has experienced staff and an excellent reputation of providing public access  to the beautiful  Mendocino coast.” 


Pam Linstedt, Deputy Chief, CalFire: “Congratulations to the Mendocino Land Trust! Your ongoing partnership with the Jackson Demonstration State Forest over the past 7 years has been instrumental in increasing salmonid spawning habitat, reducing soil erosion, and removing barriers to fish passage within our coastal streams. Thank you for continuing to be an essential partner in our stream restoration projects.” 


Jeanne Coleman, Education Director of the Mendocino Outdoor Science School: “We are very blessed to have an organization like the Mendocino Land Trust that protects our coast and forests and provides access to all to enjoy them.” 

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