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BINGO - Be In Nature, Get Outside


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Brought to you by Mendocino Land Trust and MendoParks

To encourage local folks to get outside during the pandemic, we are offering a free activity in our local state parks and Mendocino Land Trust preserves. You can also earn fun prizes!  


Here’s how to play:

  1. Print the bingo card or save it to your phone. You can view it here, long press or right click to save.
  2. Take photos of the objects or places shown in the bingo squares. You or your family must take the photos with a camera or phone. Using photos from the internet does not count – we want you to get outside!
  3. To win, you will need to take photos of all the objects/places in a row of the bingo board. 5 squares in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally will do it.
  4. To win a prize, post the photos on Facebook or Instagram and tag @mendocinolandtrust so we will see them. If you don’t use Instagram or Facebook, you can email the photos to
  5. Want to try for blackout? That’s when you get a photo of EVERY object/place on the bingo card.  Complete the entire card and be entered to win a bigger prize


Not sure how to get to the places on the BINGO card? Visit for descriptions and maps of the trails or use the links below.


Here are a few places that you can walk or bike to from Fort Bragg:

  • Hare Creek Beach - This lovely beach is nearby! Go south across the Noyo Bridge and begin walking behind the community college.
  • Pudding Creek Beach - Go just north of Fort Bragg for access to this scenic beach.
  • MacKerricher State Park Visitor Center and the whale skeleton - Travel 3 miles north of Fort Bragg.  You can walk or bike on the Haul Road or drive.  The visitor center and whale skeleton are located next to the park entrance station.
  • Laguna Point - also in MacKerricher State Park, at the end of the boardwalk.  Great place to look for marine mammals.


South of Fort Bragg:

  • Belinda Point - another of the coast’s breathtaking vista points.  This hidden gem of a trail is just a couple of miles south of Fort Bragg.
  • Caspar Uplands -   This trail can be reached from Caspar Beach.  You will spend time traveling through a magical forest and still have time to have a picnic at Caspar Beach.
  • Van Damme State Park - Visit this beautiful park in Little River and go to the Fern Canyon Trail to learn how salmon, healthy forests, and the ocean interact.
  • Jug Handle State Natural Reserve - The reserve is halfway between Fort Bragg and Mendocino. Visit some of the tallest trees in the region and a pygmy forest, all in one park.


North of Fort Bragg:

  • Old Smith Ranch Trail - The newest Mendocino Land Trust coastal access point overlooks the Ten Mile River estuary.
  • Sand dunes - the Ten Mile Dunes just south of Ten Mile River bridge are not the only dunes in the area, but they are certainly the most impressive.
  • Seaside Beach - Located just north of Ten Mile River,  this easily accessible beach is a great place to walk and explore.


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