Mendocino Land Trust

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Land Stewardship

Mendocino Land Trust takes care of, or stewards land, in multiple ways:

•    We conserve land and maintain trails on our coastal properties at Seaside Beach, Hare Creek Beach and Navarro Point.   All of these places are uniquely beautiful, offering trails to one-of-a-kind beaches and opportunities for ocean, wildlife and wildflower viewing, as well as open space areas for all to enjoy.

•    We manage trails within public access easements at 10 unique locations, including long coastal walks west of Highway 1, opportunities to explore tidepools in rocky coves, awesome sinkholes to peer into, stunning views of quaint coastal towns and working harbors, and sandy-beach walks. These trails are for the public to explore and enjoy.

•    The Land Trust owns 450+ acres in the Noyo River headwaters, near the Skunk Train switchbacks, which we manage for old-growth and fisheries habitat.  We are currently doing fuels reduction work on these lands, which is beneficial to both the forest and nearby Brooktrails residents.

•    We partner with 16 private landowners, using conservation easements, each of which is uniquely crafted to conserve special lands. On these privately-owned properties, we meet with each landowner once a year to monitor the conservation easement.

Pulling Invasive Plants

A big part of our stewardship program at the Mendocino Land Trust involves removal of invasive plants from lands that we steward.  We’ve had mixed success with our efforts -- bull thistle is nearly gone at Navarro Point, and iceplant no longer thrives at Hare Creek Beach.  Other invading plants are harder to control, such as Italian thistle west of Highway 1 at Navarro Point, and English ivy at Hare Creek Beach.  Our dedicated weed-pulling volunteers meet regularly to steward our coastal properties. 

Opportunities to Help Out
We have monthly stewardship workdays at our Hare Creek Beach, Navarro Point and Ten-Mile properties. If you’d like to help out, please email or call our office at 707-962-0470.

Explore and celebrate the land with us...