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Climate Change

Rising sea-level? Weird weather patterns of droughts and flooding?  Violent storms? Is it true that large portions of the Antarctic ice shelves are collapsing into the ocean?  Are glaciers really melting at an unprecedented rate? Even if true, there’s little we can do about such global phenomena, right?

These changes, associated with the heating of the earth’s atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, are really happening.  Climate change is real. And the Mendocino Land Trust takes exception to the idea that little can be done in the face of climate change. 

In addition to our land conservation, restoration and protection practices, we’ve headed in an additional direction to support conversion of gasoline-powered cars to electricity. Through the installation of electric vehicle charging stations on the Mendocino Coast, we’re actively encouraging drivers to visit this spectacular and pristine vacation area with vehicles that keep the environment clean and healthy.  

With community support we’ve been actively engaged preserving family lands with forest preserves and tree planting. We’ve decommissioned miles of abandoned logging roads to prevent loose soils from slipping into our streams during rainstorms which would prevent salmon from spawning. We’ve deepened pools for salmon so that they can still find cool water in a warming climate.

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