Mendocino Land Trust

Working with you to conserve the land
while there's still time...

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Our protected scenic fields, forests, streams and coastlines will only stay that way if we continue to care for them. Mendocino Land Trust assumes the deep and permanent responsibility of stewardship for the areas that we conserve. Yearly, we monitor our protected family lands to ensure that natural, agricultural and scenic features preserved by our conservation agreements are maintained in perpetuity.

Saving the land just isn’t enough when forests and rivers have been logged for decades and climate change looms large. Change is needed, so we actively engage in stream restoration projects to improve salmon habitat and water quality. We promote forest health by reducing fire hazards and encouraging water storage. 

Caring for land promotes a sense of place and community. Our dedicated volunteers help year-round to maintain our trails, clean our beaches and pull invasive weeds. We are always trying to inspire more people to care about the environment, as engaging community in stewardship creates a conservation ethic that can be passed along to future generations.  


Explore and celebrate the land with us...