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New Commemorative Bench at Pelican Bluffs

In the fall of 2018, Beth and Virgil Knoche of Manchester placed a new bench at Pelican Bluffs, dedicated to Beth's parents.  "How lovely it would be to rest on this bench and look out at the wide expanse of the ocean and sky," Beth said. "We love hiking on the local trails and think the newly opened Pelican Bluffs is a beautiful and special place for walking. It is very easy to reach, important to us as Virgil is becoming more disabled by Parkinson’s disease". They wanted a bench so Virgil could continue to walk the trail provided he had a place to sit down along the way. 


Beth said if here parents were alive today, they, too, would walk at Pelican Bluffs.  They loved to walk in places like the Elfin Forest between Morro Bay and Los Osos.  They walked the paths of the Cloisters in Morro Bay.  They were able to walk from their Morro Bay home to see the Great Blue Herons in the trees near Morro Bay’s Embarcadero.  


Beth provided the following about her parents: They were admired for their kindness, energy and love of humanity by our family and many more people whose paths crossed theirs.   When they died their ashes were scattered in the Ocean they loved.  


If you are intersted in placing a commemorative bench, please contact the land trust office. 

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