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  • Matt Coleman bench at Big River

  • Deborah Bove bench at Navarro Point

  • Art and Jean Morley bench at Caspar Uplands

  • Grail Dawson and Betty Barber bench at Mendocino Bay Overlook

  • Gordon McBride bench at Hare Creek

Find Our Benches

We have benches at several of our coastal preserves and trails, honoring those who have dedicated their lives to conservation.  The benches are as unique as the individuals they honor, and each offers a place to rest, reflect and enjoy the view. For more information on our dedicated benches, please see our official policy here

Phyllis Curtis Bench

Phyllis Curtis is the volunteer director of the Inland Mendocino Land Trust and the whole community so grateful for her years of dedicated service to land conservation. We were honored to dedicate a bench to all her good work. This bench is located along the Pelican Bluff trail, just outside of the City of Point Arena. Pelican Bluffs is owned and managed by the Mendocino Land Trust and Phyllis's bench will be a special place for people to sit and enjoy the sweeping landscape for generations to come.

Gordon E. McBride Bench

This bench is located along the Hare Creek Beach trail, just outside of the City of Fort Bragg.  It’s a semicircular bench made from local cypress wood by woodworker Greg Smith.  On the bench is a plaque inviting you to “Please, sit down” -- in Gordon’s native Finnish.  Hare Creek Beach is owned and managed by the Mendocino Land Trust in memory of Gordon, who grew up in Fort Bragg and was a well-known and respected botanist and nature lover. 

Art and Jean Morley Bench

Art Morley is alive and well, though Jean passed away in 2014 .  This bench can be found on the Caspar Uplands Trail, which was built by MLT, and is now part of the Caspar Beach State Park.  It’s made from old-growth redwood salvaged from the Pudding Creek trestle, designed and built by woodworker Greg Smith.

Matthew Coleman Bench

Matt was a much-loved employee of the Mendocino Land Trust, who died tragically in 2011.  His Land Trust work focused on stewarding and caring for Big River and the land around it; a beautiful bench (also made by woodworker Greg Smith) dedicated to his memory sits high above the north bank of this river, looking out over the estuary.  It’s a great place to bird-watch and remember Matt.

Deborah Bove Bench

Deborah had a long career at the California Coastal Commission, and she devoted her life to protecting the California Coast.  This driftwood bench overlooks the Pacific at Navarro Point, with stunning views of flowers and the ocean below. 

Grail Dawson and Betty Barber Bench

A couple dedicated to the Mendocino Land Trust for over 40 years now, Betty Barber and Grail Dawson both served many years on the Board and as President for multiple terms.  The coastal access easement overlooking Big River Beach provides the very best view of the town of Mendocino. This easement was accepted and developed by MLT during Betty and Grail's tenure. It was one of MLT's first public access easements. The bench is used by residents or tourists who want to enjoy the tranquillity of the ocean scene, take family photos or attend one of the frequent weddings held at the site.

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