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Exploring Noyo River Redwoods


Imagine riding the Skunk Train out of Willits. It might be a hot day in town, but as the train makes its way out of the station it is soon enveloped by the cooling shade of a towering forest. A few miles down the track and you’ve been transported to another world, hidden deep behind a redwood curtain. Passengers may not realize it, but the train is winding its way back and forth through the Mendocino Land Trust’s 426-acre Noyo River Redwoods preserve. Acquired in 2012 through a joint effort of Save the Redwoods League and the Mendocino Land Trust, this property includes 123 acres of old-growth redwood and Douglas fir.  It represents roughly 30 percent of all remaining old growth in the Noyo River watershed of Mendocino County – and it is now protected forever.


Far into the forested wilderness a bend in the tracks reveals Crowley meadow. From this point the train will wind back and forth over switchbacks through the Noyo River Redwood property for 6 miles. Its a great oppertunity to experience this huge preserve from the comfort of a train car.


While Mendocino Land Trust properties like Seaside beach north of Fort Bragg and Pelican Bluffs near Point Arena are easily accessible, some of our more remote and inland properties are not.  That is why a train ride into the Noyo River Redwoods preserve is the perfect way to get a firsthand look at our conservation work.


You can help support the ongoing efforts of Mendocino Land Trust by attending our Through the Trees fundraiser. This event is a truly unique experience showcasing the conservation work that benefits our entire region. Together, we will help keep Mendocino County beautiful for generations to come.


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