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December 2, 2019


Dear Friend,

As you read this, the memory of this season’s historic wind events, terrorizing fires and massive intentional regional power outages are no doubt still fresh. We are grateful for our resilient communities that are learning to stand strong in the face of disaster, but horribly sad for the loss of homes, vineyards and ranches that were loved by families for generations.  Many factors have led us to this point, but scientists agree that climate change is a major cause.  As concerned citizens, we must redouble our efforts to combat it.

You can be part of the solution by joining us at Mendocino Land Trust.

With an engaged community, Mendocino Land Trust has been undertaking solutions to climate change for more than four decades. It was very hard to find a place to charge an electric car in our area, for example, so we partnered with State Parks and our local towns to install a series of electric vehicle charging stations.  And it worked -- there are far more electric cars on our roadways now! We’re proud to have contributed toward community conservation through an incentive to reduce fossil fuel emissions, leading to cleaner air here at home.

“I was encouraged to purchase a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle because there were charging stations available to me which I now use daily,” said one user in response to a survey, “and I’ve had significant savings on gasoline bills.”

Your gift will bring you along on our climate journey, and there’s more good news!

Your contribution will help build a brand new trail.


We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of the Old Smith Ranch Trail located near the mouth of the Ten Mile River. The trail, scheduled for completion next spring, will allow the first-ever public access to this coastal estuary that adjoins MacKerricher State Beach but has long been part of a private ranch.

 “I’ve always loved the way Ten Mile River flows out from the hills and wends through the estuary,” said longtime resident Deanne Shafsky-Turner, “But I always wondered if I was trespassing.  Now I’m happy to know that it will be opened to the public and I can enjoy this place -- a rare beauty -- with my family and friends.”

We’re also learning that upper estuaries store more carbon than previously realized and play an important role in mitigating climate change. Your impact here is immediate.  You’ll be giving people a retreat to a stunning place where rest and reprieve is tangible, and at the same time you’re protecting an important estuary.


The very heart of our mission -- conserving and caring for our open lands and natural resources -- addresses natural solutions to climate change.  These solutions -- together with our goal of getting people outside for their health and well-being and connecting to nature -- will make a difference. Next year we will continue our fire defense work in the forest at Noyo River Redwoods Preserve and work with families to preserve their cherished homesteads in Willits, Ukiah, Elk and Mendocino. We are your land trust -- nationally accredited -- and trusted to protect land in perpetuity. We rely on the passion and commitment of people like you, who also love this place, to get these projects done.  Thank you for your support.

Best wishes to you and your family for the winter season,

Ann Cole
Executive Director

P.S.   Would you like to make a gift to Mendocino Land Trust a part of your lasting legacy? Naming Mendocino Land Trust a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), donor advised fund or life insurance policy are easy ways to guarantee enduring protection of the land you love. Or, make a donation today!



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