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Friday Fundraising Gala - Film Program

The Friday night gala fundraiser will benefit Mendocino Land Trust’s summer internship program. This program has trained 12 college students over six years, and these students, with their boundless energy and enthusiasm, have become integral to the summer project work of Mendocino Land Trust. The films we have chosen for this event give life to the types of projects Mendocino Land Trust interns participate in. The results of their work have produced lasting benefit to our community. Contributions made at this fundraiser will help to provide additional students with the opportunity to learn from this life-changing experience.


"There is little I can do to describe how much my experiences this summer have meant to me. Compared to the, at times, frustratingly insular experience of academia, my time at the Mendocino Land Trust felt refreshingly real. I felt as though I was actually contributing something concrete to the world, and I could see the results of my work appearing around me as the summer progressed..." - Claire Brase, Mendocino Land Trust summer intern 2018


(unofficial) History of the National Parks | 4 min. | Ryan Maxey

The complete story of the National Parks in under four minutes. Hold on to your seats!


SHIFT | 29 min. | Kelly Milner

A group of indigenous youth spent 10 years converting traditional trails around Carcross, Yukon into a world-class mountain biking destination and have transformed the community – and themselves – along the way.


The Fix | 8 min. | Kris Millgate

Chinook salmon swim 850 miles from the ocean to Idaho to spawn in the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River. When the endangered fish arrive, they find a watershed turned upside down by a gold dredge. The Fix explores the daunting task of fixing a broken river.


Love of Place | 10 min. | Brian Olliver

When an invasive species of plant threatens to take over a beautiful desert river, an obsessive park ranger sets out to restore the balance.


A New View of the Moon | 3 min. | Wylie Overstreet

Become reacquainted with the moon on the streets of L.A.


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