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Building a Better Home for Salmon

We’re giving coho salmon a fighting chance to survive, using hard hats and heavy machinery. The M2 Road Decommissioning project was a “Big Dig” last summer. The M2 Road is one of many old logging roads that are no longer needed. When these roads were built, tons of dirt were brought in and placed into our natural stream ravines so the logging trucks could have a relatively level place on which to haul out the logs. Those soils remained perched over Big River, long after the road was needed, and they posed a risk of a potentially damaging collapse and landslide into the river.


Working in partnership with State Parks, we dug out thousands of tons of dirt. Yes, it’s messy work, but nature is healing the site quickly.  Just one year after removing 1.5 miles of old logging road and restoring it to steep natural watercourse terrain, ferns and shrubs are beginning to grow back, showing that the landscape is resilient and healing well. The water has resumed its natural course after being freed from rusted and plugged culverts that went under the old road. All that soil used in building the road above the river is gone, no longer a threat to salmon habitat.

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