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Redwood Forest Fire Defense

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Numerous crews thinned out areas of the forest that had become choked with brush and slash after historic logging.  As many of you know who live in the area, logging can leave behind forests of young sprouting trees that can become so crowded that they block the view through the forest.  The historic logging had taken place prior to our ownership, and our goal now is to restore the logged portions of this preserve to resemble the old growth forest portions.  Our work consisted of thinning of brush and small trees that would have no chance of survival or were already dead and providing dry fuel for potential fires.

The work will help prevent catastrophic forest fires in the hot, dry summer months, and will cut down on competition for water among healthy trees in the recovering forest.  Fire prevention will also help protect the numerous old grown redwoods in the preserve.  Our noisy saws have now ceased as of the first of February, due to nesting spotted owl season. 

The thinning project is approximately 25% complete and will continue in the summer and through next winter.  Thinning, pruning and slash treatment has occurred on almost 10 acres out of 42.5 acres that need such treatment.  

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