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Moving Forward, Going Solar

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

If this is the year you finally want to go solar, give Mendocino Solar Service a call. Not only will they be happy to answer all of your questions and set up a free on site consultation, but if you mention the Mendocino Land Trust, Mendocino Solar will make a $500 donation to MLT upon the completed installation of your 3 kW or larger solar photovoltaic system! What could be better?

California is the nation’s leader in solar energy and many Northern Californians dream of one day living off the grid by growing our own food, conserving our precious water with rain barrels, and meeting our electrical needs with the power of the sun. It is a dream that many people believe is not within their reach, but the reality is much brighter. 
Solar power isn’t new anymore. Over the past 30 years, not only has solar become more efficient and more affordable, but now there are many more options available to home owners who looking to divest from fossil fuels.

We here at the Mendocino Land Trust want to encourage members of our community to take the time to consider switching to solar energy this year, which is why we are proud to be in partnership with Mendocino Solar Service. We are not only fans of clean renewable energy, but we also know from the success stories of our friends and neighbors about the excellent work that Mendocino Solar Service provides.  

Imagine: clean, renewable energy for your home and a contribution to an organization that strives to keep Mendocino beautiful. Together, we are conserving our beloved Mendocino for generations to come.


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