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New EV Charging Station at Russian Gulch State Park

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Mendocino Land Trust is proud to announce that the first EV charging station to be installed at one of our local state parks is now open! Thanks to a grant from the California Energy Commission, a string of twelve new electric vehicle charging stations will create a Mendocino Coast electric vehicle byway.


“This is a fantastic program for visitors to charge their electric vehicles at remote and rugged State Park locations on California’s beautiful Mendocino Coast,” says Loren Rex, Mendocino Sector Superintendent. “We’re particularly happy to be partnering with the Mendocino Land Trust and MCOG to implement this cutting edge project and be part of the solution to climate change.”




With the Mendocino Land Trust, California State Parks is installing EV charging stations as part of their “Cool Parks” initiative. Facilitating the expansion and use of plug-in cars not only encourages their use by environmentally conscious visitors, but also allows the general public to see latest technology in action. 

Come see it for yourself, free for public use in front of the lodge at Russian Gulch State Park. Enjoy a beautiful hike along the Fern Canyon trail and see the waterfall while you ‘fill up’ the car. What could be more green then that?


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